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Hello everyone,

I am new to HTML5 games and I have made few HTML5 games. I want to know how you people contact sponsors/publishers after making the game. I found that sponsors who I had done business before reply rest dont even reply as if all the mails are going to their spam.

Now that FGL has shutdowned their marketplace, I dont even found any other marketplace than fgl.  

Do you make a site, put all the games and improve the SEO so that sponsors/publishers and hope they automatically contact you?


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You contact them.   Normal business rules apply for writing letters and sales pitches.  If you have no idea at all, or want some reviews of a good amount of companies True Valhalla's book works.   After a certain number of posts(unclear supposedly 10 posts, but I got access sooner), a Sponsors and Portals forum opens up.   A few larger portals have ways to automatically add your games for a percentage of ad revenue, though this will almost always end up in underselling yourself by a long shot.

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I'm new here as well. I've a small studio with some friends and we've started doing HTML5 games. We want to launch our first project this month and we are looking into monetizing options.

We've contacted with an advertising network and they work with user adquisition campaigns so you need a very sucessful game to get your investment back plus make some money. There's also Adsense for Games but I guess that you need a good minimum of users. So, what do you guys recommend to start monetizing your game? Send your game to as many sponsors/publishers as possible? We are not interested in selling the game but we need users :)

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