Don't change the mesh position when setting the pivot

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Hello everyone,

In the example above, on the left should be exactly what's on the right.

But, the mesh should stay in place, I don't want to change its position to compensate for the new pivot point. ajustPosition bellow should be 0.

var offsetUnit=2;
var ajustPosition=offsetUnit;
var box1 = BABYLON.Mesh.CreateBox("box1", 2, scene);
box1.position.z = -2+ajustPosition;
box1.setPivotMatrix(BABYLON.Matrix.Translation(0, 0, -offsetUnit));

How to set the pivot point and keeping the mesh in place without changing its position?

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21 hours ago, adam said:

I don't understand why you needed adjustPosition.

Because setting the pivot is moving the mesh like you can see on the right side here: (I would like to rotate around the second sphere by only changing the pivot). I was wondering if it is possible to set the pivot but the mesh to remain in the same position.

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