[Construct 2] Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge

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Hi, guys. Try my new game

Play on Scirra Arcade:
Download for Android:
Download for IOS:

The Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge Game is realy hot new challenge!

Come Join To Play!

The Mannequin Head - Jumping Challenge is taking over the world!

Play Now!

- 10 characters
- Simple One Touch Control
- Online leaderboard
- Endlesss Gameplay

- Tap to jump
- Don't touch on horizontal platform
- Collect diamonds to unlock new characters

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7 hours ago, pheaset said:

By game over screen i mean like an animation of the sprite falling slowly down the screen until the user presses ok and then show the score/highscore screen that has the option to play again

Thanks for reply. Yeah, I understand what you mean. At this point in the development of plug

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