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what are the best frameworks, technologies for creating online multiplayer strategy games like Imperia online?

What is better to use in backend part? js fw or php or something else?

I am not familiar with js frameworks so I will be grateful for any advice.

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What's the best framework?

I think that it's the one you know better.

As far as I know you will have to either implement network logic yourself or you will use a third party library. I'm not aware of any framework specific for multi-player games.

Regarding server-side question, as you have this kind of doubt it means you're not used to develop servers.

So my opinion is the same: use the language / framework you know better.

Forget about performance.

Forget about asynchronous communication.

Use plain HTTP. Forget about fancy technologies like web socket.

Focus in making a simple server working well, implementing one feature at a time (for instance, make a simple tic-tac-toe with functions just to send user movement to server and a function in server that responds to game saying which will be next position of the opponent.

Only after you've learned well how a server works you may wonder about performance, asynchronous communication, and so on.


It may take years until you get the necessary expertise to make a great server.

That said, if you're really interested in performance, a good option is lapis framework. It performed much better than any JavaScript framework. You can see benchmark here. But the most important thing: It uses lua / moonscript as its programming language, what are much easier than JavaScript.


If you just want to make a multi-player game, its better for you to use someone else server and libraries. Take in consideration that it alone is a hard work.


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