Extruding shapes along Y axis.

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Hi, I'm new to babylon JS, sorry for silly questions.
I follow this tutorial and when i'm extruding my 2D shape along Z axis it looks just fine:

When I do it along Y axis (with changed path) result becomes flat:

How do I create correct path?

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Hi @Treant and welcome.  It mig

ht not jump out at you but it is in the documentation that you can only extrude along the z axis


you only set these points in the xOy plane, so every z coordinate is zero. ..... Let's now imagine you could stretch this 2D shape along the Z-axis to give it some volume... this is extrusion

Well OK you can give a little variation to x and y as you extrude along Z but as set up currently you can only extrude in the general Z direction.

For any other direction you need to extrude along z axis and rotate the finished mesh.

It is possible to use a ribbon to produce an extrusion in any direction but you have to do a little more work.

If you want to play around with extrusions give this a go you can download the results as a .babylon file.

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I think there's is a little misunderstanding here.

When using extrusion, you have two steps :

- the shape definition what will be used as a model to be extruded along an axis in the space. This shape is to defined in the xOy plane (actually, you can set some z values if you want). Just consider that this plane is the one that will be slided along the axis, orthogonally to it.

- the path definition what is the curved axis (or linear) the model is extruded along. It can go to any direction in the space.



# 1 : planar model described in xOy plane whatever the extrusion path then

# 2 : extrusion path whatever the chosen planar model

There's no constraint nor dependancy between #1 and #2


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