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Timeline - Ancient Greece [createjs]

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My third timeline game is finished.



I have posted about the two previous ones here:

This time I have made more illustrations than ever but unfortunately I have not had much time to work on the 'engine' itself. In other words: if you have tried the previous ones, you won't find much you haven't seen before. That said, I think this is the best one yet :) 


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Not thrilled about the design decision :unsure: the page is bright red. It not easy on the eyes, but I love the font you've used for the instructions below. That feels very 'History' to me.

Game did take quite a while to load. Not sure if that's some you can fix or look at. ;) Or perhaps have a beautiful picture, scene or historical event in the background, maybe a text passage on the game screen? Something to take my mind off the game loading. But keep the colour loading text. That's a really cool feature.

Game didn't ever load for me. Will try again later though, looks interesting.

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