Showing Animated Mesh's Bones ?

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From my understanding bones don't have mesh that could be rendered.

For example in blender you have many options to display your bones (default bones, lines, even custom meshes for bones) But that is all just to make life easier when animating, in the end bones are only exported with a start point, end point and all their translations (+ animationdata) but without any visuals/meshes attached to them.

So if you want to visualize them it's always gonna be lines or custom shapes..

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On 12/12/2016 at 7:49 PM, Deltakosh said:

If using 3dsmax you can export bone's mesh

Yeah, but I was thinking about using the actual meshes as bones. This way you could cut your animated model into ~10 pieces, use the pieces as models, and then, if you wanted to for example do some dismemberment of the model, all you had to do was remove certain bones/meshes. This way you could use the individual models as a ragdoll to, by assigning them to their own physics body.

I tried using getPosition, getAbsolutePosition and set... to bind an animated models' bones to physics bodies using Cannon, but they didn't seem to move according to the physics. This was only an issue when using Cannon, as I could easily move and rotate the bones manually.

I guess you could programmatically create the animations, as this is what's done in normal animated/skinned meshes, too. This could even be used to synchronize the clients animated mesh, with hitboxes on the server, to make proper body part hitbox registration. But I'm getting WAY over my head here. :P

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