A Ghost of Christmas Past

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I had hoped to create a brand new Babylon Christmas Card  - but real life gets in the way of virtual Reality ^_^

So I decided to bring back my first Christmas effort with a few changes - I know  @dbawel likes it. Basically some added geometry - a cottage, a sign and chimneys. The chimneys gave me the opportunity to experiment with particles - in addition to the particle effect I stole from @Wingnut; a long time ago. :o

I had to create 5 textures, and I also tweaked the terrain. Anyway here it is:

A Babylon Christmas Card

You can also change the volume of the music  Up or Down with the "u" and "d" keys,  and if you, for what ever reason, would rather have no music, it can be toggled On/Off  by hitting the "o" key. The camera speed can be made slower or faster with the "s" or "f" keys. Have fun. 

Ohh and the sign - do whatever you can do :)

Nadolig Llawen,  Merry Christmas,  Joyeux Noel,  Feliz Navidad,  Frohe Weihnachten,  to one and all.

Next year, hopefully a new Village :)

cheers, gryff :)

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