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Hi all,

I tried to set up a scene in the playground with a custom cubeTexture, but playground doesn't like it :)https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1XOKHQ#1

So for now my simple scene is on my ftp : https://www.nothing-is-3d.com/tmp/cubemapBJS/

This is a screenshot from the photoshop file used to generate the cubemap (based from the famous tropicalSunnyDay)


Exported files are located here : https://www.nothing-is-3d.com/tmp/cubemapBJS/cubemap/


And here what i get, check how the pz is mapped :


So simple question :) why the cubemap is inverted ? Is it me who is doing it wrong ?

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31 minutes ago, Nabroski said:

it is something about how reflection works

Ouch, my topic seems to be a n00b question indeed. I don't know why I don't drawn a parallel between reflectionTexture and mirror IRL... :ph34r: Can't wait vacations to have some rest :lol:

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