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Hi Im currently working in a phaser.js game and I wanted to add switchable characters.

I have My Main.state

I have My game over Screen in Over.state and in the game over screen I have a button to where I click and we go to the store Items thats where I want to put my switchable characters store.js

I kinda have an idea on how to do it but I want to hear it from you all my character state are as follows:

 preload: function () {                                            
    this.load.spritesheet('bird', 'assets/bird.png',52 ,28, 7);

 create: function () {                                                    
    this.bird =, 200, 'bird');

simple character I want to be able to switch by selecting another in my store page.

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you can pass initialization values for state via state.init so you can have state for choosing character and when character is chosen you can run:

// choosing character state
game.state.start('playState', clearWorldBoolean, clearCacheBoolean, paramsYouWantToPass)

// playState
init: function(paramsYouWantToPass) {
//do whatever you need to do with chosencharacter passed via paramsYouWantToPass


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