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Developer is searching for a game idea (to work on for free)

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i would like to implement some web base game in my free time.

I created some unfinished games in the past as a one man team, but it was always lacking some unified idea but also assets (images + sounds + ui).

I would like to find some author that has an idea/document but also assets (may be free/existing if that is enough)

I like to work alone and for fun, i cannot promise results or a dead line upfront, i work for free.

One of my first games in the past was in XNA and was an diablo style rpg, what i wanna say i like challenges and another diablo clone in HTML would be one :) (for example).


I would work with scala.js that compiles into javascript (i don't like javascript its a weird language)

one of my other unfinished games (for motivation) : video


My motivation is mostly satisfaction but also credit/reference.


Ask me anything, or point out mistakes, thx.


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Hi thx for answer, nice idea. For couple days no one answered so i started something on my own.

i found the game "tentacles of war", actually a nice little game. 

i will stick so far with my own game.

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