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Is there a way to enhance the framework's physics? like if i have a platform who fall on another one, but they touch just a little, I want the falling one to rotate like real gravity collision. For now, it just stop falling and stay horizontal.


How can i do this or how can i enhance it (tutorial on how to create a pahser plugin or extension maybe)?


Thank you

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The include physics system is for simple (but fast) AABB physics only. So no rotation or Box2d like motion. The 1.2 version of Phaser, which we start in the New Year, is the one that includes a proper full body physics system (based off the excellent p2.js), but in the meantime you'd have to integrate something yourself. Definitely possible, the game One Sword, entered into LD28, used Box2d merged with Phaser. It's open source, so maybe worth looking at.

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Great! I will looking forward to the Phaser. 1.2. Your framework with p2.js will kick asses! I'll dig up into this github repository!


I'm happy to had choose your framework to be the first i learn for game developpement!


Thank you again for the awesome answer Rich!

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