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Out of Kontrol - Input mapping Phaser Plugin

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(Made with love from Africa. Now, whether you buy or not, have a good day!)

You can get this amazing little plugin on Gumroad for $10.

Out of Kontrol - the Phaser Plugin that's actually in control of your controls.

What is this?

Out of Kontrol (OoK) is a key/input mapper. In other words, it allows you to have different input methods do the same thing. It cuts down on code verbosity and makes your code look neater. So yea,... that's nice too.

Why do I need this?

Want the WASD keys, arrow keys, and your custom placed buttons to control movement, then OoK is for you. Want to easily allow users to change the controls that you spent hours setting and testing, then OoK is for you!!


  • Minified version of Out of Kontrol.
  • Phaser 2.6.2 + Out of Kontrol (minified)
  • No source code :'(
  • Manual
  • A Basic example of all the functions found in OoK in action
  • Developer love lol. No seriously, under all that minified and unobfuscated code is a lot of love from a dev to a dev.


Alert!! We Need You!!

OK, more like we need your feedback! Here's how you can help:

  • Tell us about any issues/bugs on our issues page on GitHub. (Did you the favour of removing the source code, you can thank me later)
  • Vote for new features on the same issues page!
  • Also add your email to my newsletter. My emails don't bite (Disclaimer: if the email does end up biting you, I cannot be blamed).


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