To The Capital Release

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To The Capital - is roguelike game with battles as in old jRPG in a medieval setting with pretty graphics..


  • Combination of Rogue-like and jRPG!
  • Generated world!
  • Pretty graphics!
  • Great soundtrack!
  • Fights, upgrade and trade!
  • Improved weapons and armor!
  • Dungeons, monsters, golds and loot!


You are a messenger with the southern border are sent to the capital to deliver a message to the king of traitors in the Council, eager to overthrow the current government.

Found out about the sent messenger, the Council began to send out the announcement of the reward for Your head.

Your objective is that would reach the capital in the North and to give the king a message about traitors.

To The Capital is available on Steam


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Update 1.1

1. Now the game is available 4 modes:

  • Normal mode
  • Long play - map increases in size. Getting experience is slowed down. Game time is unlimited.
  • Easy - gain experience and gold increased. More gold at the start of the game.
  • Hardcore - gain experience and gold reduced. Bosses are stronger. Double reward for the bosses. Playing time increased.

2. Added Steam trading cards


Thank you for your support!

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