Kacper Pietrzak

Problem with zombies collisions

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Hey guys!

I make this zombie game: https://pietrzakacper.github.io/Project-Nostradamus/build/

As you can see on the demo, zombies do not react on each other. For now they have only set of predefined points that they should move on. I calculate path to each point using EasyStar.js. My question is, how should I manage zombies movement, so they won't block themselves. I tried updating grid for EasyStar with zombies positions and recalculating path every frame ( or every certain time ) but this didn't work. I thought of implementing Boids algorithm ( mainly separation rule ) but I am not sure how will this work with head-on collisions. Do you have any ideas how can I solve this ?

Here is the code: https://github.com/pietrzakacper/Project-Nostradamus/tree/master/src

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