How to calculate bounds of a rounded rectangle?

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I'm new to game development (but not new to JavaScript web development). I'm making a 2d game where the area NPCs can move within is a rounded rectangle.

I want to supply the NPC object the bounds it can move within. If the area had straight corners it would have been an easy use of x and y.

But since the corners are rounded, how do I calculate the bounds?


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Each rounded rectangle is effectively a quarter circle, you could do a per pixel check against a map but you could also use maths to solve it.

If your rounded corners have a radius of 5 then you're going to need to check the 'roundedness' when an entity is within 5 units of each side, i.e. in the corner. This was you use the cheaper rectangle check and only do the 'in-circle' check when you need to.

You can use pythagorus to work out if a point is within a circle. In your case you need to be slightly smarter and check only when a unit is in a particular circle quadrant based on which corner you're in, but thats fairly easy:


If x < 5 && y < 5 then
  perform circle bounds check

This way you'll only get positive results because you're checking against only when [x, y] is in the correct segment (if you performed the checks all the time then a position like [9.9, 9.9] would be outside the circle but should not be blocked).

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