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Little babylon animation helper object experiment

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Hey guys what's up.

Been fiddling around with stuff, trying to get to know animations and make it a bit easier for me to do stuff and thought i'd post this here for you guys to see in case someone would happen to find it useful.

Playground here:

Not much else to say, it is what it is but i don't know what that is.

But i would like to give a shoutout to @Wingnut who bombarded me with a ton of information about animation and examples etc, thanks! ;)

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@iiceman Haha. Yes much art... very art :lol:. I have to say though: I've been watching demoscene productions for quite a while now (i find them quite spectacular at times) and for many years i've thought about how it would be cool to make one myself but it's never really seemed like a "real possibilty", no skills for that sort of thing etc. Doing this... hmmm... add some music / sounds... polish things a bit... make it a bit longer... maybe it is possible. :o

But thanks! :)

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