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my game is very slowly

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Hello my dev friends.

   In this occasion, I post about a problem what I have... I make a game with this beautifull framework but is very slowly. When the game starts all is black for considerable time until loaded it because the browser is loading the game (client-side code, I know)... but I want know Why does it take too long? 

   I want add a loadingbar for show it to the user while the browser load the code...but doesn't works

  I create my loading bar like this


 preload: function(){


create: function(){
     var loadingbar = this.add.sprite(,,"loading");

but doesn't work...

If I apply minification to my client-side code, will be more fast ?  I going to thanks every help from you, about the loading bar or about the performance

Greetings and thank you for reading 

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26 minutes ago, bousing said:

if I use canvas and not WebGL my performance is better ? Thank you for your answer



In some situations. For example, if you use a BitmapData(and change it every frame), or text that you change every frame. Or if you use pre-2.7 Phaser and use a tilemap.

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