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Bayou Island is a Point and Click Adventure game I've been working on in Phaser for the last year and a half. It is now on Steam Greenlight, please could you vote?

I would be ever so grateful. The link can be found here =


Make your way through this thrilling old school style point and click adventure game and try to solve the mysterious circumstances plaguing Bayou Island.

Help an unknown captain make his way through the mysterious Bayou Island and try to find a way back to his ship. Solve the various puzzles and talk with the island's inhabitants to uncover what is really going on. But is something sinister afoot? Who is telling the truth? Who can you really trust? Using your logic is the only way you're going to win. This has been made with the love and inspiration of the point and click adventure games of the 90s..


- Easy to use Point and Click user interface
- Gorgeous graphics
- Beautifully composed original music
- Easy to use controls
- Rich storyline which progresses when each puzzle is solved


PR movie trailer =
PR screenshots =

Promo site =
All press enquiries email address:


Many thanks for your time :)



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13 hours ago, scheffgames said:

TIL that Phaser games can go on Steam - I thought that they were mostly developed for gaming portals (sponsorship and such).

@scheffgames yes most of the time they are made for gaming portals. But you can still make the game run as an exe file (using nw.js and Enigma) and send out to Steam :)

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