Half way through my first Phaser Game, Need Advice

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Hi All,


TLDR: i really just want a javascript sprite rendering engine, is Phaser right for me and/or with 3.0 will i be able to just use that part of the engine?

I am about half way through my first phaser game and am loving it.  Because of the nature of the game, i am using very little of the engine.  All I am currently using the engine for is input buttons and sprite rendering.  No physics, movement, world updates etc... I am using all my own code for doing movement, collision, updates, etc..

In the current phaser version,  i am starting to see some slowdown on mobile browsers.  I still have some obvious optimization to do which will help but i am at a point now where i could move things around easily since basically everything is just pure javascript. The hooks are not deep into Phaser at all.


I read with 3.0 we would be able to add and remove things from phaser to match what we need, is this still the plan?  Would i be able to just use the Sprite Render and Button/Input parts?  Is there another engine that might be better (maybe just straight PIXI).  Or should i just use Canvas and make my own simple sprite management?


Any advice from you guys with experience would be much appreciated.

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If all you want is rendering, look at Pixi.js...

Phaser 2 is a game engine, built with classes and ideas suited for building a game, and it is built on top of Pixi.js.
Phaser 3 will not be using Pixi, but its own from scratch rendering engine...

If you want to stick with Phaser, it already has the ability to customise your build, removing the elements you don't want...

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That is incredibly helpful, thank you so much.  I had not seen that custom build section because i though i had read in Richards description of 2016 that he was building that in V3.  Should have looked i guess. I will definitely try that and since it should not be too hard to use Pixi, i guess i will try that too.   Hopefully won't hurt more than a few wasted hours of my life at the keyboard (not unusual!).  

Thanks so much for the advice.  I really appreciate it.

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