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HTML5 2D Minecraft clone

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I've always dreamt of making a Minecraft-like 2D game, and now I've finally achieved it. 


I have created a very basic Minecraft clone using the Phaser framework. There's very few functions right now, but it's in a very playable state.


So far this game has the following features:

  • Multi directional chunk system (x and y axis)
  • Foreground and background block system
  • Mobile friendly (Mostly)
  • Ladders!!!

Some structures


Parkour thing


Blocks showcasing foreground and background modes (plus those ladders!)


A random pit



Current flaws:

Player avoidance when placing blocks isn't perfect

Block placing/destroying doesn't have drag support, you have to click every block separately

No block placing limitation, you can place a block across the entire screen

No player animation

Sketchy code to prevent a physics engine flaw :/


I'm still working on the game and I have big plans for the future :D


Play here:


BTW the game is called "Build It!"

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Very cool! Only one thing is I am getting extremely low FPS, between about 8 and 10 on Chrome. Not sure if this is an issue you know about...

Other than that very awesome idea and I cant wait to see what you do with it.

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