Harrier Carrier isometric puzzle strategy game

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I've just finshed the follow-up to my first HTML5 phaser game:
(www.battleofhoth.com - a port of the Lego kit #3866 of the same name, a 2 player board game)


I've made the ANDROID APK too, with Xamarin but not yet published.
Tell me if you want a copy.

The game should be self-explanatory, I hope, if you follow the written instructions, 
If you listen to the Admiral the 16 levels progress through tutorials showing all the game concepts, but...

In this strategy puzzle game you control a USA carrier, defending against waves of attacking Soviet fighters (and bombers!)
You must manage the aircraft on the deck by moving them around to charge their resources on the coloured pads
* yellow SHIELD
* red AMMO
* Purple FUEL
(Also when landing a plane on the runway, hitting each coloured runway arrestor cable gives you a resource recharge boost!)

* Aircraft must be sent into combat to defend your health bar from Soviet missiles fired by waves of attacking planes.
 (basically the top half of the screen works as an asymmetric 4 channel tower defense, similar to Plants vs Zombies)
* Harrier and Helicopters can take off and land vertically, all conventional aircraft must use the catapult and runway.
* planes in combat will fire missiles (if armed) at time intervals
* tapping on a flying plane will return it to the carrier.
* different aircraft have different capabilites, such as:
  - missile jamming SEAKING helicopter
  - AWACS HAWKEYE, which speeds-up armed USA aircrafts missile firing
  - A10 WARTHOG- which fires bullets instead of the convential missiles
* USA Aircraft must be stacked to reach higher altitudes and destroy higher Soviet fighters.
* If your aircraft run of of fuel they will ditch.
* If you aircraft run out shields they are destroyed.
* If you send too many aircraft the bottom on the stack will POP and return to the carrier
* crashes can occur if you: block the catapult track, leaves planes on the runway, or try to land 2 planes too quickly together

I've included several levels which depict real cold war incidents!:
* The defection of a MIG-25, who then joins you!
* Ditching HUEY Helicopters into the ocean at the Fall of Saigon
* You must prevent the "U2 incident" by keeping it from being shot down

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