[Phaser] Pipezania - Rotate Pipes Before The Water Flows

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I finished my first HTML5 Game which was very modest in scope. I wanted to build a simple connect the pipes via rotation game.
It took me to 2 weeks to complete at 2-4 hours a day on my off hours, in total 38 hours.

I build it using Phaser, CoffeeScript and Sinatra. It uses LZ and store.js for storing data.

The hardest part was drawing the flow graphic overtop of the pipes as I had to reverse the animation depending one which way it flowed into the pipe.
If anyone is interested, I am considering open-sourcing the game.




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I love flow games! Ahh the nostalgia!  

I enjoy reading code and contributing on GitHub, so seeing this game as Open Source would be great!


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Added pretty please for OpenSource.

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