Should I put Phaser stuff on NPM?

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You can tag them with a Phaser tag, npm have recently updated their search to aid discoverability, but name identifier is still very useful (naming is a bit of a sore issue for dependency managers).

Use semantic versioning for your projects.

Publish just your built assets to npm, unless you have the option of consumers importing your source into their projects.

Make sure you have a decent readme with clear instructions for installing and getting started with your library.

Small modules are good, do one thing and do it well.

A runnable test suite is good too, although you wouldn't publish this to npm. Your readme should include a small section on how to run your test suite.

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I most often work on projects bundled with webpack or browserify, so I mostly use Node modules installed via npm. My vote is, yes, please use it! All of mattstyles' info is great for that. Publishing to npm is easier than falling off a log.

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Agree with the others on NPM.  It's probably the best little package system out there, at least I think it is.  I use for a ton of stuff both related to my little game project but I also use it heavily at work as well.  Whatever you do, don't waste time packaging it via NuGet, which to me has to be the worst little package manager out there LOL

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