[Phaser] Drawing Letter

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Game - https://robowhale.com/games/drawing-letters/

Drawing Letters is our latest HTML5 game. It is the educational game for kids.

The game teaches how to draw and pronounce letters. It is fully localized in 5 languages - English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The game was developed with Phaser 2.4.4

Please let me know what do you think! Any feedback will be appreciated.

Shameless plug - this game was exclusively licensed so is not available for licensing. But we have a lot of other great HTML5 games which are available! Feel free to contact me at vlad@robowhale.com





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Good looking little game and great animations. Good job man!

I'll be shamelessly copying your tweening and animation techniques.

Neah, just kidding, I'm copying good techniques from all great games. :))

As a side note I used to look at various publishers list of games and notice this little game and that little game. Since I've joined this forum I can put a name to those games - for example in your case I saw Let Me Grow somewhere some time ago - now I know you made it. :D

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2 hours ago, NumbOfAthma said:

Great game! You really put some effort into it!

I was wondering how you manage to restrict de movement when you draw the letter.


PS: It's a good example of excelent game animation!


@NumbOfAthma Thanks a lot!

The trick is to interpolate letter curves as a bunch of straight lines. Because restrict movement along a straight line is a relatively easy task.

I've created specific editor for this game where we were able to do this

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