Picking a mesh is not registering on iOS

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Hi Everybody!

So I have some hotspots floating around in z space. Each hotspot isPickable = true and each non pickable mesh isPickable = false. When I test on desktop it runs like a dream, but when I test it on mobile devices, the hotspots don't respond to any touch actions/click.

Babylon version is v 2.5.0

I created a PG. The PG works great on desktop and mobile, but the PG is running version 2.6 alpha

Is this something that was adjusted? Am I missing something? Can I change what version of Babylon being used in the PG so I can have a more accurate test?


PG: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#PEJDE#8

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Thanks for the replies! Yup PEP is included, and yes touch-action="none" is implemented. I can get all the camera controls to work on mobile, but the "pick" still isn't working. I'm starting to suspect a non Babylon related issue. If I figure it out I'll let you all know.....The info might be useful to someone out there right? haha


Thanks again!

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Hi everyone!

so it turns out I needed to include a 'touchend' event listener as well as a 'click' event listener and remove the following from the "onPointerClick" function:

if (evt.button !== 0) {return;}

PEP is included, but for some reason the touchend events weren't doing their thing (All other touch events appeared to be firing without a problem). I tend to think this is all due to how I'm using the framework with other 3rd party platforms, and there was a conflict.....BUT if anyone else bumps into iOS touch events not being triggered when you have PEP loaded properly AND touch-action="none", give the above a try (it might put a smile on your face)

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