[alpha] Divi - A fun collectible card game

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"From the ancient world deities battle for dominance... Many gods exist and they all crave the power of prayers from the mortals. Divine beings are in war and they do not care about the consequences of their actions, as long as they are worshiped they will do anything to make sure they are the rulers of this world and the worlds beyond."

One year ago I started making this game in my spare time.
I am a fan of Magic for almost 20 years and I am convinced that a card-game in the browser could be a lot of fun.
So I made one.. It's not finished at all, but it works and has all kinds of cool stuff!

  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Multiplayer
  • Bots to battle with
  • Deck-building
  • Achievements
  • A store and in-game credits to earn
  • Collect rare and hard to find cards
  • Play as a ancient Greek or Nordic god

Link to the webpage:

If there is anyone who wants to spend some time testing this with me, let me know!
Any constructive feedback is more than welcome.

Short gameplay video:





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21 minutes ago, scheffgames said:

From the videos and screenshots the game looks really great - congrats! Couldn't play it though but I'm amazed that Phaser can deliver such complexity. (it was Phaser, right?)

Thanks scheffgames!

I don't know what Phaser is.. I did this in NodeJS and plain Javascript (jQuery)

(And the userstuff, deckbuild, store, etc is actually in PHP/MySQL/Ajax)

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Just logged in using the demo username. Regarding the gameplay I can't really offer feedback because I'm a total noob when it comes to card games. Regarding the whole experience:

The game feels polished and good looking. Cool animations, blur effects on text, etc. One little thing about the card icons - black and white images - I'm guessing they're from Wikimedia or some other website offering images royalty free. They're cool on they're own but you can't really distinguish one card from another when you look at the images alone - since they're black and white you have to rely only on light/dark value information and the card name. I would change something about them to make each and every one stand out - colorize may be an option, focusing just on an element of the picture instead of the whole scene (like having a closeup face or detail), tweak them in photoshop to add  some strong highlights. 

Other than that I think you'll need as many users as possible to test it - try gamedev or webgames on Reddit, also there's an indie game dev group on facebook with 50 thousand users or so.

Best of luck with the project - it looks really promising. :)

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Thanks for your kinds words Scheff!

Card-art (and card-recognition) is indeed a big issue with these kind of games, and I totally agree that currently the cards do not look perfect yet.

I am actively searching for artists and time for myself to do some art. When Divi goes live it should be super gorgeous and awesome  ;-)

I'll open some topics on FB and Reddit as well, this kind of feedback is golden!

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excellent polished game! I think you do not need to provide a BIG warning that the game is in active development. The small 'beta' tag is enough.Then again, it is probably a matter of taste so it doesn't matter that much.

You NEED colour! Maybe not in the cards themselves (I love the little flavour text... everything looks so nice) but the background just looks depressing. I think people would not notice that, just the art of the cards. Yet, if your backgrounds were more flashy, the card art would be ok. You probably need sound too (not too many, just a couple when ending a turn, etc)

I also think that you should post this on reddit, you absolutely need players and people interested in card games to play it.

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Thanks Idd!

It's actually Alpha, not Beta ;-) 

Funny how you have a great idea, forget about it while programming, and then a user looks once at your stuff and points you to that same thing again.
So...that big warning now only shows once per session, thanks for pointing it out to me :-)

About color.. sure, I agree it can a bit gloomy.
When and how I fix that, I don't know yet... something to put on the todo :-)

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