AsterWaster Game

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Name: AsterWaster
Genre: Arcade
Related games: Asteroids, Crimsonland
Localization: russian, english
Platform: only desktop browser
Programming language: JavaScript
Engine: QICIEngine (phaser wrapper, great engine but died without popularity) http://qiciengine.com/
Dev Time: 217 hours
Play demo online: http://elmigo.ru/aster/

Source code: https://github.com/Ogimle/asterwaster

My little home project which i develop at free time for soul. No planing any monetization.

This is my first project using this engine, so many things can probably be done more efficiently.
All optimisations (if any) will be done after the main development phase is finished



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upd: reprog skill firerate - skill become linear. fire speed get speed bonus for timeout 1.5 sec when asteroid will breaked. when new aster will breaked inside timeout then timeout will be restore. add firerate icon on right screen which losing alpha with timeout

demo http://elmigo.ru/aster  updated, skill avail in shop (press ESC)

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- It should be "Let's Battle". Spellcheck your game.



- your UI needs a lot of work

have you any offers or advices?


change using window.storage to ingame wrapper game.storage (is more comfortable)
change localization, move texts to excel  - no hardcode now (look at screen)! i love qici more and more :)
option mute sound
option disable drag (ship dont stop, for hardcore lovers)


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added scene "credits" link at bottom right corner of main menu

qici is great! component "dom" add html overlay above canvas!
will do game & gui separated from qici ide is possible easy

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