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How to use Scene.pickWithRay ?

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I'm trying to pick a mesh with Scene.pickWithRay and having problems.

	    var pickResult = scene.pickWithRay(ray, function (mesh) {
	      if (mesh.voxelData) {
	        return mesh;

	    var mesh = pickResult.pickedMesh; //Get the mesh picked

I can trigger the debugger statement no problem with the mesh I want.

The mesh looks like it has the required properties:

function (){return!!this._isEnabled&&(!this.parent||this.parent.isEnabled())}

I'm not sure what to do in the predicate function. The docs could be more clear:

I've tried returning true and returning the mesh. Both situations `pickResult.pickedMesh` is undefined.

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In the predicate function you write your own logic of what meshes should be valid or not for picking.

In your case that is if the mesh has voxelData so what you should do there is return true. As long as mesh has voxelData it will be checked against the ray. Just because the predicate function returns true doesn't mean the ray will hit.
So as RaananW said if your debugger statement is executed the ray most likely doesn't hit your mesh.

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