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Hi Clicksys, I'm on my fourth day of phaser so I'm new myself. Other than simple DOM traversal and working with angularJS, I myself hadn't had much experience in Javascript (I'm an ASP.NET Developer by profession)

The way I got my feet wet with Phaser are the examples shown on the website.
Start off with this:
Once you understand that, move on the animation:
Then move on to keyboard/mouse inputs:

Look at all the examples and play with the code. No books needed. The community here at html5devs is amazing, if you run into a problem it's most likely already solved here if you use the search bar in this forum. 


To actually run your code, you should read this:
I personally use Visual Studio, and run in debug mode. This is so I don't have to set up a local server and such. If you want to take that route, read that tutorial on getting started.

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