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As my profile states I am new here and rather new with Babylon.js as well.
I found its ease of use and performance (over Three.js) good reasons to work on it.

Currently, I have been working on a voxel game (i.e. minecraft-ish) and I have been using Three.js, as there are so many libraries already out there for voxels.
On the other hand, pretty much nothing for Babylon. For this reason, I would like to fill the void and, perhaps, find someone who is interested in helping out on the quest.

I started with creating a small library for creating snow (called `voxel-snow`) and called it `babylon-voxel-snow` ( The idea is to make the transition from Three.js to Babylon.js as easy and as painless as possible for people (like me) who have been using it for their voxel projects. Adding the prefix `babylon-`, would make it extremely easy to find the counter part for Babylon.

Here are some other voxel libraries which are currently only in Three.js:

 ☑ Voxel Snow ( --> Babylon Voxel Snow (
 ☐ Minecraft skin (
 ☑ Voxel walk ( --> Babylon Voxel Player (
 ☐ Voxel creature (
 ☑ Voxel critter ( -> Babylon Voxel Critter (
 ☐ Voxel builder ( -> Unneeded as it can be imported with the Babylon Voxel Critter
 ☐ Voxel use (
 ☐ Voxel mine (
 ☐ Voxel carry (
 ☐ Voxel chest (
 ☐ Voxel inventory creative (
 ☐ Voxel items (
 ☑ Voxel clouds ( --> Babylon Voxel Clouds (
 ☑ Voxel skybox --> Babylon Voxel Skybox (

As I go, I will try to slowly implement them for Babylon, so hit me up if anyone would like to help out :)

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Super cool idea! As some folks may know I've been making a voxel engine on top of Babylon for about two years now (project here), and any plugins that work well with it would certainly be welcome!

If I can offer some advice/caveats, it would be: try to be really careful with versions and dependencies and coupling between plugins and any engines they know about! The reason I wound up not using the voxel-js ecosystem of libraries is that, although there were a lot of great plugins for it, the plugins were all made at different times, for different versions of the core voxel-js engine, and in general no two plugins seemed to work at the same time unless they were made by the same person. The root cause of this was that voxel-js plugins depended on the core engine, and on one another, as peer dependencies, so nothing got fulfilled (or even tracked) automatically - you had to basically know what every module expected to be where.

So while I'd be really happy to see any plugins that know how to interoperate with noa, I'll be even happier if they aren't tightly coupled to it. :)

And of course please open issues for any questions!

(Also, @Nesh108 - for questions on any given plugin, be sure and ask in the Questions subforum - that's where most of the action is around here ;) )

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Yeah, I am trying to keep it more tied to Babylon than your engine.

I use your engine for the demo and to show the intended usage, the core of any plugin that I will make should work with any other engine :)

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This is brilliant!

I hope someone can come up with a non-minecraft clone of a voxel game... the voxel system seems so cool but it feels like no matter what you do with it it looks like a minecraft clone :(

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@Deltakosh I will try to publish a demo on my github page, I will keep you updated. 

@joshcamas Well, while it's true that anything that allows you to interact with the voxels can easily be seen as a "Minecraft clone", I'd say that there are quite some attempts going into other directions. Just look here: 

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