Faraon , platforms, mummies, deaths ... All in one click.

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My last game, Faraon, created live, about 35 hours of video.
Playable from any browser, smartphones, iphones, mac, pc, tablets etc...

Rescue your friend through the dangerous rooms hidden in the pyramid of Pharaoh.
Test your skill in this fun platform game, Are you a hero? Prove it.
Funny and fast platform game.
- 55 levels.
- 3 different finishes.
- Easy to play, one-touch control.
- Many traps and enemies await you in the pyramid.
- Great and original soundtrack.
- Adapted for keyboard and touch screen.
- Playable from any device.
- Pixelated graphics.

 Faraon trailer

Play on Itch.IO: Faraon
Play on my Web: Faraon



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It's surprisingly good :)

I've played lots of "one-touch control" platformers, and I must say I've had more fun with this than with some of the big-name ones like rayman. Well done!

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