best 3D size of elements ?

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Hello there !

I was wondering if the 3D size of objects in the scene matters.
Is it better to create a 500x500 ground with 2x2x2 cubes or a 2000x2000 ground with 8x8x8 cubes ? Is there any difference (computation time, stretch..)?

I was using basic 1 diameter objects in all my game and the ratio looked good, but now I try to use Canvas2D and WorldSpaceCanvas2D is about 150x150, 33% of my map size !
I tried to resize but I got so many problems with text resizing..

So I decided to multiply every object size by 4 to get a correct ratio with the canvas2D, now it's good. (my map is a bit flattened now but I will find a new HeightMap for my ground, no big deal).
I have 8-diameter spheres, 2000x2000 map, and it sounds very big.
Can someone tells me what is the best way when thinking about a not-so-small scene with lots of objects ?

Thanks in advance !


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The best way for 3D object is always to model at real scale. This help with physics, lighting, scene organisation, team work, default parameters based on real world (ex : camera clipping), etc.

As for canvas2D i can't help, but I think an example should be welcome (screenshot, playground, online scene,whatever.) :)

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Yes, but what scale for physics?  Meters, decimeters, imperial?  I use decimeters,  From a precision standpoint, if you are exporting, then meters will give you slightly less precision than decimeters.  Reason is for Blender at least, the exporter only specifies up to 4 decimals.  Something measured in meters is going to be shifted in to the mantissa.

There is no computational difference, regardless.

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Thank you for your answers, for now I was simply converting models in Blender, from .obj to .babylon.
I will take a look at the scale when exporting ;)

But I was mainly talking about objects as basic shapes : if I have a scene which contains a map and elements as basic shapes, what is the best scale ?
The bigger the map, the more expensive the computation ? I made a compromise between map size and height of objects to get a correct texture rendering from the character point of view. I will use LOD and optimization tools and make some tests, thanks !

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It has more to do with indices & vertices than size,

a plane can easily be 5000x5000 units in size, and still render as quick as a plane which is 5x5.

But if you then decide to sub-devide the plane 2500 times for extremely detailed height changes or whatever, you'll mostlikely end up with a crashed browser, whether it's 5000x5000 or 5x5 won't matter :) 

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