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Hi bingqimao

I'm looking for an HTML5 game developer.

We are Studycat, an educational game development company. We usually work on mobile, but we have need for an HTML5 port of two of our educational mini-games.  

Would you be interested in working with us?

Here's our app, Fun English, for iOS or Android, from which the two mini-games will be taken.


Mateo Solares


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Next Plans:

1. Add more Skills in the fight stage.

2. Fight stage Result.

3. Fight stage Score.

4. Fight stage items.

5. Game UI.


New features:

1. Change Format -> Change equipment and pets, all of them used spine 3d animation.



2. Sack-> Level up equipments and pets




3. Different Stages and Boss






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This h5 engine is so good

1. LayaAir used AS3.0 script

2. FairyGUI support LayaAir and Flash

3. Flash used AS3.0

I try to use my company game to test

First, I used LayaAir and FairyGUI release H5 app, android app and IOS app

Then I changed LayaAir engine to Flash engine, exmple: change websocket to socket, change Loader,  Change Timer. after changed, I can use FlashBuilder release Flash app and Windows app, it just use few days change LayaAir engine to Flash engine.

It means, If you use LayaAir and FairyGUI, It's very easy to release app to all platform -> IOS, Android, Facebook web game(H5 or Flash), Facebook messager(H5), Facebook game room(H5 or Flash), Steam(Windows)

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On 2017/12/6 at 9:22 AM, pinygame said:

I just heart layair and fairyGUI today. Awesome tools. Does these two tools supports ad networks? How about inapp purchases?

Two tools are free, fairyGUI is the best tool, it support u3d, cocos2dx, layaair, egret, flash, pixi and haxe, i suggest use layaair to make h5 game, the best h5 engine, it has not others better than it, I used spine tools make 3D animation, the fps is so higher

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On 2017/12/4 at 11:42 PM, Smith1208 said:

Hello @bingqimao

Hope you are doing well.

I saw your requirement and I can help you with this. Please get me in contact so that we will move further.

Looking forward to hear from you.



hi, vincent, we are friends in skype already, whats kind of work you can help me to find, thanks

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