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I have been trying to use the .RayHelper constructor, but I keep getting an error saying that the RayHelper is not a constructor. I suspect that I am missing files. The ones that I have in my index.html are: 

- babylon.custom.js

- babylon.objFileLoader.js

- babylon.objFileLoader.min.js

- hand.minified-1.2.js

- Oimo.js

How can I fix this error?

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Hi @bser, welcome to the forum.  Here is a playground demo that shows how to use the RayHelper...

(lines 32-35)  Maybe this will help.

I don't think RayHelper is an extension, so it should work without adding any extra <script> elements to your project.  Grabbing a ZIP of that playground.... should work fine at-home.

RayHelper might be coded by our good friend @adam, but I'm not sure.  I'll ping him just in case he wants to monitor our conversation, here.

Good luck, Bser... keep us posted on your progress, thx.  We'll talk again soon.  Be well, party on.

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