Issue change the textures of PIXI.MovieClip need help!

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Hi all,

Today i have a problem from my project and i need help from you! 

Problem when i'm try to create a new PIXI.MovieClip! Every thing will be ok and so good with this! 

But when i'm try to change the textures of this MovieClip (this MovieClip have one value textures and MovieClip.update run) = new textures value! The MovieClip not change in my game play! 

Can you help me know problem in here! Thanks so much!

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12 hours ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

It should work. Whats the problem?

I fixed the problem and i found: the movie clip can't change textures in game play if you missing call gotoAndStop or gotoAndPlay after you set textures file! gotoAndPlay or gotoAndStop call textures in movieClip and my MovieClip has change! 

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