The Adventures of the Pirate Robot

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Coding for Fun with The adventures of the Pirate Robot

Click here to Play the game

The Pirate Robot can walk, jump, fight...
but what the Pirate Robot like the most is to dig and find incredible treasures!
Write the actions and join this programming adventure.
20 levels of increasing complexity to learn the principles of programming or just for having fun.

Development notes: The game canvas is made with HTML5 and Phaser, and other technologies from the Eclipse IDE ecosystem are used to create the pirate robot language editor. Mainly provided by DSLForge  . Some implementation details about the editor can be found in this post


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Thank you very much :) 

This programming language is quite simple, however, it has important concepts such as variables (only numeric. Global or local), math operations, calling other procedures, procedure parameters, loops, conditionals etc. you discover them while advancing in the different levels.
Let us know if someone find some bug in our pirate robot compiler ;)

If someone has some idea or feedback to improve the game, please, let us know as well.

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