Catacomb Chaos - Use fire magic to obliterate the skeletons!

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Hey there! Catacomb Chaos is an endless action arcade game where you try to survive against unrelenting waves of skeletons.

You can loot gold and purchase potions for your next life. Let me know what you think!

Play here:

I learned some neat stuff making this. Engine design, ECS, and steering behaviors are some of the cooler things I experimented with for the making of this game.



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21 minutes ago, DarkwallLKE said:

Hey, nice job! Fun little game, easy to play. Where did you get the artwork? It's well done.



Thank you! It's wonderful to hear that you like it.

The graphics I drew myself. I spent a few years aspiring to be an artist before I got in to programming, so I have a bit of practice there.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the fonts were not made by me. They are Retro Sharp and 3x5 Minimal. (Public domain from OGA. Same for the audio.)

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