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Collision breaks when loading in a Tiled tilemap

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I m building a little platformer-type game and am having this problem: When the player is moving really fast, (basically when he falls a large distance) he no longer collides with stuff, and falls right through the floor. This problem comes up when I switch from making regular sprites in a group for floors and platforms, to loading in a tilemap from Tiled.


I also notice a change, which is my only hint that something is working differently with the physics - the sprite's body.touching property no longer reads, and instead body.blocked now reads. So for example, if I let the player jump only if player.touching.down is true, I have to switch this condition when using the Tiled tilemap to player.blocked.down, because touching becomes always false. I don't really know phaser well enough to know why this is, but I just know its weird.

here is how my code was before, when just making a group of sprites for platforms:

    this.platforms =;
            this.platforms.enableBody = true;

            var element;
            platformData.forEach(function( platform ){
                element = this.platforms.create(platform.x, platform.y, 'green');
                element.scale.setTo(platform.scaleX, platform.scaleY);
            }, this);
            this.platforms.setAll('body.immovable', true); // so they don't fall
            this.platforms.setAll('body.allowGravity', false); // so they can't be moved by other bodies


and here is how it is when I load the map from Tiled:

            //create a tilemap object
   = this.add.tilemap('level1');
            //join the tile images to the json data
  'tilesheet', 'gameTiles');

            //create tile layers
            this.tileLayer ='tileLayer');

            //collision layer should be collisionLayer
  , 1, true, 'tileLayer');

            //resize the world to fit the layer


And in update():, this.tileLayer);


So it's weird, it collides just fine in every case, except when loading stuff from Tiled and moving really fast, and I don't really know why in one case bodies touch and in the other case bodies block, or what the difference really is supposed to mean.

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