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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else had trouble using the http server that is supposed to be installed with the phaser editor. I can absolutely install and configure another server, Node, IIS, apache, but I am evaluating the software for purchase so I wanted to use all of the features. When I click on the globe.. it generates a path with a random port and the url to the files but there is an exception. This is Microsoft windows 10, The error is element not found, and when I try to run from the configuration manager I get exception occurred running command and the following stack. 

Exception occurred executing command line.
Cannot run program "C:\Users\bond_\Downloads\Phaser-Editor-1.4.0.PREVIEW.jre.win64\Phaser Editor\workspace\SoundS\WebContent\index.html" (in directory "C:\Users\bond_\Downloads\Phaser-Editor-1.4.0.PREVIEW.jre.win64\Phaser Editor\workspace\SoundS\WebContent"): CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application

There is no stack output when running from F5.

What configuration error am I making? Any ideas?

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Hi @bondreal

It looks like Phaser Editor is not finding the external browser.

Please open Windows > Preferences >  General > Web Browser and tell me the browsers are listed there. You should be able to select Chrome, Firefox (I don't know Edge, I should check). Also you can try setting chrome or firefox the default browser on your Windows control panel.

By the way, if you create an issue on our github project you will get a fast response, this is the forum of MightyEditor, not Phaser Editor :)

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