Quality drop after game is left in background

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Hi, has anyone noticed that rendering is looking blured if game is left in background tab or computer is locked for some time  ? or its just my computer? (chrome, safari on macbook) After refresh of the page its back to normal.

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Hi Hersir.  No replies yet, huh?  Sorry.  I/We are still thinking about this.  Have you discovered anything, yet?

Can you try other browser software?  If so, please do, and please report discoveries.

Do playground demos... do the same thing?   ONLY when full screen, perhaps?  Would you please test?  thx.

Does MacBook/chromeBrowser allow control +/- or perhaps control mousewheel... to allow quick font-sizing on a webpage?  (meta key, not control?)

If it does, and if game is NOT full screen, could you please up-scale and down-scale the fonts... for the HTML area of the game (not on canvas)... and see if mesh blur for canvas... changes?  Thanks.

Do you have a friend/acquaintance who also has a MacBook... maybe with different graphics drivers than you?  Can you ask them to try the game... look for similar problem?

Would you consider temporarily reverting backwards to previous version of ChromeBrowser, and also check Chrome's bug lists... for other people having webGL blurring problem after de-focus/re-focus?  That would be cool, thx.

Hopefully, smarter people than I... will have more/better ideas, soon.  Stay tuned, we haven't forgotten about you.  :)  We are VERY interested in this, and will keep thinking.  Please report ANYTHING you discover during experiments.  Thanks! 

Other forum users... if you have similar computer rig, please test this and verify/validate, and tell of YOUR discoveries, too.  Thanks!

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