espace how to compile a dev app ?

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after trying a lot (+/-50) of compilations with and without success...i go to you dear forum :)

i take screenshoot of what i do to see with you if i'm doing something wrong.

01 : i choose guided creation and select Phaser template

02 : choose canvasplus mode

03:  let the defaults options

04: my project appears

05: download the source code ( for ensure that it works i extract this and test and i see the cyber orb demo with the index.html

06:upload the and update the project with these source

07: select the platform android

08: save my changes

09: compile the dev app (the rockect)

10: download the dev app

Install it  on my phone..the install goes without bug ( i allow all the permissions) but when i launch the application crash instantanely.

with adb logcat i collect this information :

05-12 21:15:14.625  4498  5561 W PGMiddleWare: in handleAction, invoke client = com.huawei.pgmng.middleware.AudioEffectLowPowerImpl@abaff48, action = com.huawei.pgmng.PGAction@3cf199a actionId =10000 pkg =io.cocoon.template.phaser.orb extend1 =1693 extend2 = flag =3 type =1


i test also on other phone and same result.

If i take the dev app from the playstore and select the everything is ok.

i have also test selecting all the plugin core, save and compile and same result. On the forum on no response to my questions....:mellow:

in the past i success to compile a dev app and use it for test my applications but now I can not get anything.

Help from you would be more than welcome :) if i miss something to say ask me...






















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