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Shitty Dungeon, An Unfinished Game I Made 2 Years That I Want to Finish

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Hi, my name is David! I just discovered this forum and wanted to get your opinion on a game I made 2 years ago that was never finished (I recently finished another project and have some spare time for this game). 

The game is called Shitty Dungeon for now, because I had no inspiration for the name. The game is basically a small tile-based dungeon rpg with a fixed storyline combined with a randomly generated map (so some places have fixed maps, but the majority of the world is generated). The battle is fully automated, as in you step onto a monster and it fights to the end until someone is dead.

This is my progress so far from 2 years ago! I got stuck after making the engine because I was over ambitious with the large pixel art and just in general a world generation that includes a fixed path. It all got too hard, and I wanted to release parts by parts which makes everything harder. Looking at it again, it looks fairly great.






The art and engine were originally ported from a game i was making in python that looks like this:



In any way, what do you think of it? I usually get stuck in the story/world/art (especially art with all the sprites and everything). I think I always aim too high and end with an unfinished product. I am thinking of redoing the art but with 32x32 pixel art (or even 24x24 or 16x16), so that I have extra time for the generation of the world which is what I really enjoy to code. 

I also have a question on canvases. To optimize for performance (did a lot of that in python!), my drawing engine draws into fixed canvases and stack them, and I use 4-5 screen-sized canvases. Would the performance drop badly if I used 4-5 screen-sized canvases Per Tile? or Per row? I don't refresh all of them every second I draw them once, but walking across to an undrawn area will draw the area first, and if appending and drawing 100 * 5 canvases at once instead of 5 might have jitters or something.


Thank you for reading! 


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