I'm trying to get my phone (S8) working like the video in this post, which has head and ray tracking in BabylonJS: That PG is: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#ASDZLT#24.  I have an S8 and Gear VR and I am unable to get ray tracking and 3D head tracking working at the same time.  What I have tried: Disabling Gear VR service (using Package Disabler) 1.  Opening the PG with a web browser, but I have no controller.  In Samsung Internet (normal or beta) or Chrome browser the head tracking works great, but no controller. Enabling Gear VR service opens oculus and I have tried these 2 options: 1. Opening Oculus browser.  Have 2D scene (so side by side screens).  Don't see any options for 3D. 2. Opening Samsung Browser in Oculus.  Opens and controller works in 2D (with side-by-side screens), while head tracking doesn't.  Switching to 3D Side-by-side wasn't 3D.   I updated the firmware on my controller.  Not sure what I am missing.  Thanks.