From 0 to 2 million DAU: One HTML5 Game Developer's Story

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Some of you may be interested in this interview with FRVR from GameAnalytics, where we chat with FRVR founder to find out how his approach to HTML5 game development and distribution helped him build a studio that generated $1500 per day in ad revenue, within 6 months...


It's a great story. Check it out :)


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18 hours ago, elparole said:

Interesting, but how does hex frvr sends player traffic to native stores if there are no outgoing links to appstore nor google play in ? Everyone finds game in stores on their own? I tested links to stores in some html5 we made, but only 1% players clicked them.

The links do start to appear quite heavily after you've played the game a few times - so only advertise to users showing high signs of engagement. Just go sidebar > restart a bunch of times to see the ads ;)

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