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[WIP] General Election Game (UK)

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Hi all,

Me and my team have just made our very first game and I would really appreciate some feedback! Here's the link to play it online and below is a screenshot of how it looks:


The Game is about Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, that in the game is portrayed as a Wizard that can turn evil into good.

I have just created 5 levels for now but I am not sure that the gameplay works 100%. It seems to me that the game is too easy, but my opinion doesn't count because I know how the enemies behave and how the levels look.
Maybe I should increase the number of enemies per level or the speed? Or it works ok as it is now?

Any feedback is greately appreciated, thanks!

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Hi, I liked it. For a topical game like this I actually think it's perhaps a little hard, as you've got the opportunity to get non-gamers playing. The levels do feel a little empty though, so maybe more enemies but make them weaker. Not being able to burn down the tabloid windmill is a huge missed opportunity too :P. I wouldn't spend much more time on it though to be honest, the election is less than two weeks away so I'd just drop the tories and get it out there asap.

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