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A small heads up about online obfuscators

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I just wanted to bring this article to your eyes:

Resume of the linked article: some online obfuscators may add spamming code to your obfuscated javascript.

Also, I am currently giving Google Closure Compiler ( ) a try in advanced mode, if anybody wants to add some cool tips, thanks.

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@imerso very interesting topic, even more because I would have never thought that people wouldn't try to de-obfuscate their code to make sure it still looked exactly the same (mainly because debugging it would be a pain).

Basically, whether you are using some trustworthy (premium) service or not, always:

  1. Obfuscate the code with service #1
  2. De-obfuscate with service #2
  3. Go to and make sure absolutely nothing comes up
  4. Go ahead and put it on your server

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