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[Greenlight] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

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CasinoRPG is an MMORPG that merges role-playing, city-building, tycoon and casino games. We launched the game on the web in 2014 and have continued to roll out frequent updates over the last several years.

The game is built with our own fork of the Isogenic Engine and we’ve recently been working on desktop applications for the game. So, today we launched the game on Steam Greenlight and would really appreciate getting your support with a vote! We’d also love to hear any feedback as we continue to evolve and improve the game every day.

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1 hour ago, kaasis said:

Damn, it looks so nice. Great job! What framework did you use (if you did use any) to build this and what type of server library do you use?

Thanks! We used our own for of the Isogenic Engine on the client. We wrote a custom server using Node.js (we open sourced a small part of it at We also use MongoDB and Redis on the server for data, caching, etc.

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