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Holiday Trouble

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summer is here and so is my new HTML5 game Holiday Trouble.

It's a skill based game where you try to free your float from tangled rope.

Works on both mobile and desktop systems, supports different screen resolutions and lanquages.

Play it online : trouble

Google play store :

Also try my other games at


Have a nice day.





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Added link to Google play store.

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Pretty cool game, the graphics are decent and the dragging control scheme is actually pretty clever. :)

However, it feels a little repetitive because it is just about navigating the rope.
It could use some obstacles, like enemies that move around some places that you have to avoid. Or part of the rope could wave up and down slowly. Maybe the rope behind you is on fire, and you have to stay ahead of the fire. Or just a ghost race like in racing games.

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The idea is implemented well. The graphics are decent. This game definitely has that quality of being just frustrating enough to keep you trying to beat it.

I agree with BdR that more obstacles/enemies would help break the monotony of it. A burning rope would be good to force the player to maintain a certain speed and add more complexity as well.

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Hello, thanks for trying my game and of your feedback. Yes game is a bit repititive, thats why it currently have 20 levels and not 50 :). Actually i was thinking of adding birds or bees that could puncture the float, but because you can move only one direction it would be difficult to avoid them. And because game is about your skills and trying to beat fastest times, i didn't want any random elements in it.

But the ghost is actually very good idea, i play lot of racing games, so thats very familiar to me. That's something i definitely try to implement.

Thanks for your suggestions and have a great day.

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Holiday Trouble is updated, you have now option to enable "GHOST" medal.

Ghost medal shows you how you are doing compared your best time in each level.

NOTE. If you have played this game before, you have to clear browser cache to make ghosts work. It doesn't work with your previous record times. 

Try the game here


Have a good day.


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