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strategy game on hexgonal tiles [WIP]

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I've been making this game for 3,5 years. It's a strategy game with hexagonal tiles and NATO military marks. As now, you can play only on one computer with friend. I don't know when I'll finish it (I want to make AI this summer). It's also not named yet.




With the link there's a game guide, but here are some tips:

-there's a difference whether you click on an millitary unit or other part of hexagon,

-it's pretty hard to make paths, as you can only make moves by a straight way,

-paths are ended by clicking a hexagon two times,

-you can effectively control cities with units of size 10 or more,

-"taxes" is only giving money to another city, there can be two cities taxing each other,

-a city needs a production level to make units which need steel,





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It's super confusing, maybe start with the map creation screen bigger then hide it after the game is setup. Once the game was started it was still pretty difficult to navigate but I managed to have a small battle with myself. I think the engine is extremely good but the graphics and interface should start getting more focus. Good work, I bet it was pretty f*****g hard to make.

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I really like hexagon games, I recently played military madness (the original) and it is awesome.

About your game, it's hard to start and understand what to do. The game may be nice, but in casual games, it has to be simpler to start.

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